London, United Kingdom

On our list of Must-Visit places, London has been on top for quite some time now. We finally got a chance to explore London and fortunately, it was during great weather in May. Our trip was 9 days long, a fair amount of time to explore a city & its culture.

Here is the video that we compiled from the trip, hope you will enjoy it.

Here are some tips that we learned during the trip that may save you time and money if you even plan to visit London. First off: Hop on Hop off tour is absolutely worth buying because you’ll get a combo deal of one day city bus tour including a London Eye tour.

Walking on Tower Bridge is a must but make sure to plan a walk on London Bridge as well because it’ll give you a beautiful view of the Tower Bridge, itself.

London is very well connected through underground subway/tubes and we tried to use those the most for commuting with in the city to get a feel of how locals do it. We recommend to get a 7 days tube-pass to save money.

We found the best street music performed by duo

check it out the performance we managed to filmed:

To name a few must visited places that we loved are: Buckingham Palace, Hyde park, St. George’s Chapel, Palace of Westminster, British Museum, River Thames, London Bridge & Tower Bridge, the Shard, Big Ben (although we are somewhat heartbroken that it was under-renovation), & of course Camden Town (great for souvenir shopping).

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Windsor Castles and the City of Oxford City because it was fascinating to see how well maintained the 11th century buildings are.

Hope you enjoyed London thorough our lens.

We are excited to take you on our future adventures.

Until then,

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