We are a boutique Content Production Agency, which has been working with local, regional and international brands to create great content.

Scripted, unscripted, short or long form, TV, social media, commercial, branded content and beyond, Rombus works with talented directors, producers and cinematographers to deliver cinematic, meaningful content.

Rombus is a movement that captures time and space within its boundaries. We understand brands need to talk via expressions. An expression of value, beliefs, ideas… an expression of expressions! We express ideas… ideas that rely on great communication, design, and presentation. Ideas that need to be read through words, drawn out through design, sung to music, or brought to life through animation.
We bend it to our will to craft ideas… ideas that rely on great communication, design, and execution. we thrive on cultural diversity… diversity being different, being nimble, and being disruptive!

Video/Film productions
Post Production
Social Media Content
Content Strategy and Design
Content Planning
Interactive Content Development



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